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Oresama Teacher 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 0 user reviews.

Oresama Teacher

Oresama Teacher

Kurosaki Mafuyu was a juvenile delinquent and head of her gang before her subsequent arrest got her expelled from high school. Now that she\'s transferred to a new high school, she\'s determined to become an "ultra-shiny, super feminine high school student." But with a new friend like Hayasaka-kun and a homeroom teacher like Saeki Takaomi (who may be more than he seems), will Mafuyu really be able to live a girly-girl high school life!?

Author: Array

Category: School Life, Shoujo

Date Added: Jan 01, 1970

Status: Ongoing Oresama Teacher 122 is coming next...

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